Numatic NPT1415

NPT (Numatic Professional Trolley) series, adding design features from the VCN model range to a series of three basic models incorporating a full twin 17-litre dual bucket mopping kit including the Allmops vertical press for use with both Kentucky and flat mops.The NPT series fulfils the majority of trolley needs for normal cleaning contracts but the full VersaClean range is available to satisfy the greater needs including the wide press, wide buckets and the increasingly popular MopMatic systems.



Sipariş Kodu

759165 / Basic Midi System c/w 2x 17L Mopping Kit


kovalar 2 x 6L
Tekerler 4 x 100 mm
boyutlar 1090 x 1090 x 580mm
Temiz kapasite 17 L
Kirli kapasite 17 L
su Kapasitesi 120
Basınç Allmops