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There are more and more applications where the floor machine must fulfil two functions literally at the “Flick of a Switch”.

The HFT model is fitted with the Hurricane dual motor rated at 1000W/1250W providing optimised power options at the two different operating speeds.
For scrubbing you want 150rpm but for polishing 300rpm will give quicker and better results. This is very much the case in hospitals, care homes, hotels, schools, etc where the needs vary quite substantially each day and two separate machines are not always practical or available.

The design characteristics for the HFT model echo all the many details of the Hurricane range but with the advantage of two speeds where required.

The Hurricane range is available with a selection of kits, images may show optional items.




Motor 1000 / 1250W
Güç 230V AC 50Hz
Dolgu büyüklüğü 400 mm
hız 150/300 rpm
menzil 32 m
ağırlık 32 kg
boyut 1250 x 560 x 460mm
Fırça 450 mm
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