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These machines are built to an exacting 400Hz standard of operation, suitable for most aircraft power supply systems. Seriously strong in construction, designed to clean aircraft and clean them well.

When it comes to environments with limited working room there can be no doubt that the practical features of the RSAV130 brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning, producing vastly improved results by virtue of the old adage "the right machine for the right job". 

Particular attention has been paid to user comfort, convenience and safety with an ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system.Now lighter weight and lower noise levels mean's the RSV's performance is excellent.

• Comprehensive accessory kit A30A with stainless steel tube set.
• Easy change HepaFlo bags.
• Extra large filter system.
• Large cleaning range.
• 400Hz Specification for Aviation use.




Güç 110V V 400Hz
Motor gücü 960 W
Emme 2400 mm H2O
Hava akımı 42 L / san
kapasite 6 L
Temizleme Aralığı 31.4 m
ağırlık 5,7 kg
boyutlar 440x360x250mm


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