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The SPT22 is, without doubt, our most popular Housekeeper trolley size but being the biggest in the range it also carries the maximum weight when fully loaded with clean and dirty linen.

The Structofoam chassis with its 200mm soft ride castors and all round bump protection is classic Numatic design. The superstructure can be supplied in hard front with magnetic doors or flexi-front design (see NuKeeper literature).

The SPT22 model is equipped with our ServoPower 24V PowerDrive system, equipped with easy to use single button forward and reverse operation and 3 hours 10 miles runtime between charges which, in many cases, means up to 1 week.




Motor 100W
Güç 24V
hız 4 km / h İleri, 2.5km / h Geri
Çanta 2x100 L
Tekerler 4x200mm
ağırlık 79 kg
boyutlar 1880x665x1435mm
Sipariş Kodu
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