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The NuKeeper Compact 10 is a genuine exercise in downsizing from the outside without downsizing from the inside, to provide a full 10 room capacity both in terms of clean linen and towels but, equally, with two fullcapacity 100-litre laundry bag extensions as standard. Each and every detail within the design has been as a result of user experience, whilst the integrity of the whole module is second to none in line with the full NuKeeper range. First and foremost the whole unit is based on our rugged Structofoam chassis, embellished with our rotating buffers to
each corner and rub rails from end to end – both sides. The All Terrain chassis is equipped with 200mm heavy duty castors.

The four door storage module is unique incorporating our full magnetic door system, no locks, no catches and easy access from both sides at all times. Take what you want and literally slam the door shut, couldn’t be easier or quicker or tidier looking.




Çanta 2 x 100 ul
Tekerler 4 x 200mm
boyut 1360 x 665 x 1115mm


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