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Throughout the world there is an increasing emphasis on the care and wellbeing of both the sick and the elderly, resulting in an increasing demand for a sound, yet practical, system of linen collection, movement, and processing.

All linen bags are fully washable and, by virtue of a choice of 4 drawstrings, can be colour coded to coincide with specific system requirements. All lids can also be colour coded to suit the bag drawstring system in blue, red, green or yellow.

The lid and bag holder design allows a full choice to suit a variety of applications and an important facility is the added provision for using 700mm/1100mm poly liner bags within the cloth bags as and when required or, indeed, poly bags without the cloth bags if so required.

An important added feature provides for bag extensions to fold for more compact storage, always a high priority.




Atık Torbaları 2 x 100 ul
Tekerler 4 x 75 mm
Boyut 780x650x965mm
Sipariş Kodu
759087 / LLT 200 2 x 100L White Linen Bags
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