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Based on the VCN1604 but with even more storage.

The complete structure is based on our full Structofoam chassis, 100mm heavy duty castors and rotating corner protectors, a tubular epoxy-coated steel superstructure, a deep and generous adjustable tray unit, 2 x 34-litre storage boxes, 4 x 5-litre top pails and universal dual waste system providing a choice of either single 120-litre or twin 70-litre waste disposal. The waste system is easily folded for compact storage. Three versions are available. 

VCN1606 Vertical Press (Kit BK2) - 
Equipped with our full twin 22-litre mopping kit (BK2) which includes generous 22-litre clean and dirty water buckets and the highly efficient Allmops press which incorporates our unique mop absorber feature that substantially improves operating performance. When you select your preferred mop system additional mop heads are available to order as required.

VCN1606 Wide Press (Kit BK3) -
The flat press mopping kit (BK3) comprises a wide 22-litre red dirty water and rinse bucket and matching 15-litre blue clean water facility.

The Speedclean widepress, with its high efficiency mop absorber feature, substantially improves operational performance and is designed to be equally effective with either loop or microfibre mops.

VCN1606 MopMatic (Kit BK10) - 
MopMatic is a unique mop preparation system that allows operators to have an almost constant supply of clean, uniformly impregnated mops to carry out the task in hand.

The MopMatic system, when used together with the range of Nylostripe or Loop mop heads, results in a highly efficient package, producing professional results to professional standards.

*Specification shown is for base model.




kovalar 4 x 5 L
Tekerler 4 x 100 mm
boyutlar 1310 x 550 x 1060 mm
kapasite Atık 120 L
Kutular 2 x 34 L


Sipariş Kodu
900588 / VCN-1606 (Twin Box) Nutex Steel, 2x Deep Storage Box, 4 x 5-litre pails, waste system, 100mm castors (LESS MOP KIT)
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