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Dust care and control is a fundamental and vital starting point for the majority of public area cleaning programmes, as indeed is spot cleaning when appropriate, but when based on the PolyStatic DISPOSABLE mop system, allowing for fully COST CONTROLLED operations, you really do have the best of both worlds.

For dust control sweeping the PolyMop holder is both efficient and exceptionally convenient, anybody can use one anytime, so as and when time permits clean, dust free floors are quick and easy to achieve and are really an extra bonus for everybody. 

The PolySprayMop is a simple, convenient mop holder with its own built in liquid tank allowing the standard PolyStatic mop cloths to be used damp on the floor anytime, anywhere, which makes all the difference to the look of any public area. It really does look like you care, and really that’s what cleanliness is all about but a fully disposable system just makes everything so much simpler and more practical, and truly cost effective.

Now with SpinTec colour coded rotating system - professional cleaning in comfort.




Dolgu büyüklüğü 400 mm
boyut 1400mm
Şişe 400 mi


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